DoveSites policy for website owners

Hateful Conduct

Hateful actions targeting race, nationality, religion, gender, orientation, disease, disability or martial status are strictly prohibited on this server and will not be tolerated. This also includes actions that encourage suicide and self harm, threaten violence or physical harm, are targeted harassment or actions of defamation. This also includes disrespectful, rude or offensive conduct which is not allowed.

Monetary Sale of goods

The sale of any goods on the DoveSites is not allowed at all. An exchange of a currency for a supplied demand of service of any kind is not allowed.

However, simply exchanging favours or other works is allowed. Discussions of this nature should happen off site.

Indecent Material

All material deemed pornographic or too sexually explicit including text messages, images, links, will not be allowed.

Private Information

Sharing anyone's private information (even yours) is not allowed if it's sensitive information.

Spam and System abuse

Spam includes repeating too many identical or very similar messages or rapidly sending images or messages, sending links and joining DoveSites on more than 1 account is not tolerated and is considered malicious.

Hacking or exploitation on DoveSites is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.

Impersonating Individuals or Brands

Impersonating a person, an organization, a brand or other is not allowed, even as a parody is not allowed.

Misuse of DoveSites

Websites that violate Sohnlandic law will be immediately terminated. Websites that violate DoveSites policy may be altered or removed once a reason is provided.

Manipulation and False Information

Images or external links that contain material with manipulative emotional tactics, unscientific based alternative facts and misguided and fake news sources is not allowed. This also means that preaching about extreme or absurd ideologies or belief systems is also not tolerated.

Freedom of Speech

Members here are allowed to criticize and joke about other individuals as long as it is easy to make out that what is said is not obviously made with ill Intentions. Criticism and joking about designs, artworks, decisions and what is said by an individual falls under fair use and free speech. Keep it criticism constructive and transformative.

The line between free speech and harassment shall be judged by the site owner or can be voted on. If a a vote is called and the majority appears to be votes in favour compared to votes not in favour then what is voted on cannot be voted on twice and should only go against the vote if it is absolutely necessary and does not affect the quality the DoveSites experience.